All About Dawn

Welcome back to Dayanisma’s 12-part blog series highlighting our 12 troupe members! We are re-introducing ourselves to tell you a little more about us as dancers and to share a little about our lives outside of dance. We would love to hear about what we have in common with YOU!

Dawn Ruckert

Favorite food:  Nachos

Favorite dance move: Arabic hip twist flourish

How long have you been dancing: 23 yrs.

What do you do when you are not dancing: I love to garden and to do puzzles.

Tell us about your family:  I have been married to my fabulous husband, Andy for 18 years.  We have two beautiful children, Ella and Aden, and we have two grandkittens, Thor and Freya.

How did you get into dance:  I started going to SCA events and saw Ghawazee (members to soon become Zafira) perform there and I fell in love with dance.

Favorite song to dance to: Anything Bee Gees

Anything else you want to share: ATS® and Dayanisma have brought me so much joy and laughter.  I have made life-long friends cherish every moment.