All About Sharon

Welcome back to Dayanisma’s 12-part blog series highlighting our 12 troupe members! We are re-introducing ourselves to tell you a little more about us as dancers and to share a little about our lives outside of dance. We would love to hear about what we have in common with YOU!

 Sharon Walker

Favorite food: To cook...Italian!!! I took a cooking class on my last trip to Italy and loved it! But I love Sushi and Mexican food as well. 

Favorite dance move: Oh boy... I have to pick just one??? I love almost all slow moves, but Strong Arm 3 is my favorite. (But for fast...Arabic Double Turn!)

How long have you been dancing: I took my first class when Dawn and Patti were teaching at the Cary YWCA. Then life got in the way, but I took it back up in 2005 and took classes when I could. A few years later, I was taking classes regularly from Dawn.

What do you do when you are not dancing: When I'm not dancing, I'm helping people start their small businesses during the day so they can be legally established here in my home state. I'm also a costumer and member of the SCA. I make belly dance wear, sci-fi costumes, renaissance faire costumes, and recreate historical garments (Ottoman textiles is my main area of study).

How did you get into dance: I saw Blue Moon Dance perform at the local Renaissance Festival. Shortly after that, I took my first class with Dawn and Patti.

Favorite song to dance to: I love a good tango!!!

Anything else you want to share: If I'm not working, dancing, or sewing, I'm at the gym or a book store. I like learning about cooking, history, and space. I love to travel and take photos (Italy and Scotland are my two favorite countries to photograph). I also love all things Marvel, Harry Potter, and STAR WARS!!! I always wanted to work in the wardrobe department for a Star Wars film.