#T4T: Practicing and Improving Technique with Dayanisma

One of of the things we love about being in Dayanisma is that all of us are committed to improving our technique, communication and stage presence. It is so much fun to dance in a group with shared values and goals! So how do we stay motivated and encouraging to each other??? At rehearsal we each identify the things we are working on and divide into groups. We have a group working on making shimmies bigger and a group working on torso flexibility (think twisty moves and Arabic), etc. Between rehearsals we message or get together to encourage each other and share tips.

It is way more fun to hear about it than read about it so check out this DAYANISMA VIDEO we made about what we are working on together!

We want to hear from you… how do you encourage each other to practice? What are you working on???