All About Li

Welcome back to Dayanisma’s 12-part blog series highlighting our 12 troupe members! We are re-introducing ourselves to tell you a little more about us as dancers and to share a little about our lives outside of dance. We would love to hear about what we have in common with YOU!

Li Marcus

Favorite dance move: In ATS® currently probably Arabic Shimmy – I love its layering and am really diving deep into it right now. Outside of ATS® always and forever an anterior undulation – my favorite layering isolation and way to transition from one part of my body to another.

How long have you been dancing and how did you get into dance: I started learning bellydance in 2005 – I was taking far too many credits as well as working two part-time jobs in college and wanted to try dancing as something to keep me centered. So a friend and I tried out the class at our university rec center and I’ve been learning since!

Favorite song to dance to: So many songs! I adore “Double Doom Drum Solo” by Djinn – it spans the ooey gooey heavy masmoudi to the speedy ayoub and beyond. I also have always loved “The Fall” or “The Gathering” by Afrit Temple, “Szai Dezla” by Dikanda, and “The Aviators” by Helen Jane Long.

What do you do when you are not dancing: I teach dance classes out of World in Motion Dance, work full-time at a university, make jewelry, hang out with my partner/family/friends, and play video games when I can squeeze them in.

Favorite food: Bi Bim Bap with beef bulgogi <3