What's in a Name?

Dayanisma is a Turkish word meaning unity and our troupe feels like it both describes our dance mission and the American Tribal Style® outlook.  Our troupe, along with all ATS® dancers, are unified in dance, in community, and in our love of ATS®.  ATS® is a language and because dancers share a common vocabulary, they can dance anywhere in the world with other dancers that all know the same ATS® language. 

Our Mission Statement "through our performances we will convey our joy and love of dance in a way that is felt as well as seen"  summarizes the way we approach all of our performances.  Whether we are  combining Classic and Modern ATS®, incorporating our ATS® Dialect steps, or performing our signature basket improv, Dayanisma strives to delight and unite audiences in the shared experience of dance.

We would love to hear what your troupe name is, what it means in translation, and what it means to your troupe members!